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Buying and Selling
Find here, retail online ordering sites and classified ads for new and used inline skates and gear.

Adam's Inline
A skater who knows his from skates, wheels, bearings, frames, boots and more.  Browse the retail store or check out Used Stuff classifieds.

Applied Graphics
They sell both reflective and florescent decals so that you can Be Safe, Be Seen.

Art Store 
Inline skating art - select prints & photographs for yourself and / or your inline skating enthusiast friends and associates.  Available for purchase framed or unframed, in association with .

Attention-Online Buyers
Before making an online purchase, check out these resources compiled to help you decide where, what and how to buy online.

Austin Sports Gear
Skatz Shortz are padded liners you wear beneath your regular skate shorts/pants.

Backpack Store
Browse our store for Inline skating backpacks, waist packs, hydration packs, messenger-style and travel packs and bags, for sale in association with .

Back Street Inline
Find here a good inventory of frame sets, boots, complete skates, and all the gear.  No online ordering is available; however.

Before you Buy-U.S.C.P.S.
The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission provides information on product safety, recalls, etc...  including specific sports-related recalls.

Bill's Skate Shop
Recreational, ramps, rails, skates and accessories are available to order online.

Book, DVD and Video Store
Browse books, DVDs and videos about Inline skating, available for sale in association with .

This isn't your mother's push-broom: this learning/stopping aide comes w/a structural core fiberglass handle, cushioned safety grip, non-slip fiberglass reinforced threads, large diameter dual filaments and an instructional video.

Breakaway Skate
Geared toward the speed skater, this site offers online purchasing of technique videos, foot-care products, boots, bearings and magazine subscriptions.

This is a free classified ad page to help you find and sell used skate equipment.

East of Maui
Although its roots are as a surf shop, they've expanded their offerings to include numerous inline aggressive and recreational skating products.

Gift Store 
Shopping for great gifts for your favorite inline skater has never been more convenient, fun or fast!  Find numerous skating books, videos, sporting goods, hydration packs, backpacks, magazine subscriptions, gift certificates and more, available for purchase shipped anywhere in the world.  Many may be gift-wrapped with your personal message, in association with , , , , and .

Gravity Aggressive Inline
Find skates, wheels, bearings and other accessories for aggressive skating.  They have an effective product search, although ordering can be time-consuming.

Haju Sportequipment 
Skate more safely!  They sell a great rear-view mirror that goes on your wrist-use it for skating or biking.  I've got one of these & they're great for helping to see what's behind you !  Site is in both English and Deutsche.

Health, Fitness and Safety 
Here's a generous collection of articles on safe skating, getting in shape, how to identify and prevent injuries, and a sports medicine.

Helmets for as Little a $10
If you think helmets are too expensive, think again. Get an ASTM-approved helmet for as little as $10.  This offer expires Dec. 31, 1999.
They offer free classified ads for hockey equipment.

Hudson Bay
They sell only wheels and bearings, and as such, can offer expert advice, a tremendous selection, and on-line ordering.

In-Line Skate Store
Offered are hockey wheels, bearings, spacers, axle kits and a few other street skate items at a discount.  Specials change daily.

Inline Experience
Although a relatively low-tech catalog/ordering system, their monthly specials make it worth the required phone-in for credit card orders.


Got eyes in the back of your head?  Well, you almost do, if you get this rear-view mirror you put on your wrist.  Use it to be completely aware of your surroundings while skating.

Magazine Stand Coming soon! 
Read about and subscribe to Inline Skating and other Outdoor / Sport / Health-related magazines yourself and/or your inline skate enthusiast friends, for sale at, in association with  .

Find contact information (web sites, email addresses, and phone numbers), for inline skate and accessory vendors and manufacturers.

Motion Skate Shops
Buy inline speed skating equipment and supplies.  Find complete skate sets, boots, frames, wheels, bearings & accessories from manufacturers like Mogema, Bont, Verducci.  The complete skate selector makes it quick to assemble the skate of your dreams.

Moving from 4 wheels to 5 
"This was the day. I was going to buy my first 5-wheel inline skates.  I had been skating for a couple of years, and felt ready to make the move."

Nett Racing Speed skaters will find a generous selection of boots, frames, wheels, bearings, protective gear and complete skate setups, as well as used equipment and product reviews.

Pegasus Sports International
Find unique inline accessories such as SkateSails to vary your skating routine, and  BladeBoots to make including skating in your every day life a cinch.  BladeBoots take the idea of skates w/removable wheels, one step further-use your OWN skates w/these.  A real value!

Philbrick Seacoast Sports
Here's quite an exhaustive list of skates, wheels, bearings, apparel and protective gear nicely indexed by skating style (fitness, aggressive, women's, off-road).

Pure Energy Wheels
Pure Energy Hockey Wheels "out last and out perform all others'.   They've got a patented design, and claim to last 3 times longer and  'stick' to the surface better than other wheels.

When your skates and gear aren't in use, they have convenient, out-of-the-way home storage solutions.  Select "In-Line Skates" and "Find Rack" from their homepage to view four skate storage racks / shelves.

Rainbo Sports Shop
Find here, not only traditional inline aggressive, fitness, recreation and speed skates and bearings, but also inline skater dolls (a great gift idea).

Road Rails
These ultra-light racing frames for competition on road or track were designed for professional skaters but may also appeal to fitness skaters. Web site presented in several languages.

Roller Poles
Satisfy your need for speed.  Roller Poles complete your fitness workout by including your arms and shoulders, while increasing your speed.

Roller Warehouse Aggressive Skate Shop
These guys have been selling Aggressive Skates since 1994. Huge selection, great service and sick prices too! Real skaters answer the phone so call if you need help. Make sure to get on the list for their free color catalog.

Roller What?
From Roller Buggy to Roller Poetry--if it relates to non-traditional, vanilla inline skating, or 'rolling', you're sure to find it here.  You  may even get inspired to create your own "Roller What?".

Here's a skating accessory to improve your skating skills. Develop obstacle courses for a greater challenge.

SiNSystem Skate Bearings "Hybrid silicon nitride" is their tagline.  Either steel- or ceramic-made, with 9 balls (vs. 7 or 8) and Swiss-made, they boast that their bearings combined with their top hats and spacers outperform any bearing on the market.

Skate Pro
Prices are quite competitive.  They sell skates, wheels, bearings, aggressive specialties and protective gear.

Skate Shack
Here's a direct link to their bearing offerings, prices and online ordering, all on one simple page.

Skate Swap
Here's a fairly active skate swap list offering a bit of everything, from rental shops selling used skates to individuals with skates and accessories wanted/offered.
Purchase  equipment and accessories for inline, ice, artistic roller, speed and hockey.  They've got a nice selection of well priced wheels, bearings, cleaners, lubes, etc.

Skates Away
Bargains and close-outs on wheels and accessories are their forte.  They also sell skates, high-end boots, custom molding and frames.

Skate Music (  
They offersskating-specific MP3's, CDs and records.

Skate Sails (  
Skatewing is the new way to "move with the wind", all you need is a pair of inline skates and the Skatewing...speeding along using the power of the wind is the ultimate thrill.

Skate Sails (
Within the power of the wind is an exciting new sport that you never dreamed possible. Anyone with basic balance on a skateboard or roller skates can learn to WindSkate in just minutes with feather-weight sails (just 6 to 8 lbs.)

Skates on Haight
They offer not only a robust, photo-loaded catalog, but a quick text-only version as well.  Offered for sale are all categories of skates and gear.

Find everything you wanted to buy having to do with inline skate-dancing from outfits, tools, videos, costumes and gifts from art to jewelry, and skating-related promotion marketing.

Smartwheels Braking System
This inline skate braking technology "VCS"," is installed between the bearings of specified wheels on each skate.  These could be promising for those having trouble with traditional brakes.  The angles suggested for use; however, may be hard on the knees.

Special Equipment Company
This online skate retailer takes the bite out of the cost of high-end skating equipment, offering packages at a savings over single-item purchases.

Speed Skate and Sportswear Outlet
Find skates, standard accessories as well as harder to find backpacks, laces, helmets, clothing and lubricants/washes.

Speedline Sports
Here is a retailer and wholesaler of inline skate bearings, wheels, aluminum bearing spacers and axle kits.

Spitfire Skate Wheels
Here's a unique product-wheels that light up when you roll!  They also sell a selection of other wheels and bearings.

Sporting Auction
This is an auction site for all styles of new skates, wheels, bearings and other accessories, with bids starting at 25 cents on the retail dollar.

Sporting Goods Store
We have created a special Inline Skating selection of skates, protective gear and other skating-related items at, in association with .

Surplus Bearings
Offered is a small selection of bearings and as their name suggests, at close-out prices.

Twin Liner
"Feels like ice speed skating."  Twin Liner of Holland, manufacturers a two-wheel inline speed skate, with 85mm to 100mm wheel setup options.

Used Footwear Lot
They sell used inline skates, not only by the pair & size, but by the pound!

Venice Rollerworks
This wholesaler always has a large selection of wheels, bearings, protective gear, tools, arch & heel tighteners, street hockey pucks, tools, cleaning supplies and other accessories. 

Weber Sports
Available here is a wide selection of inline skates, boot/frame sets, tools, protective gear and hockey and aggressive specialties.

World Wide Sports
They have one of the largest selections of inline skates and accessories on the Web. - THE InLine Skating Resource logo designed and generously provided by Luke Sawh of Animated Ideas, creator of original inline skating art sculptures Artwork. Names of companies, organization, products, articles mentioned herein,  retain copyright,  trademark and/or patent rights.
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