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Clubs, Organizations and Teams
This is a compilation of International, National and regional inline skating clubs, organizations and teams, including all specialties (aggressive, artistic, dance, hockey, basketball, racing, fitness, recreation, etc.)

AARHUS 1900 Skaters
This is a new branch of a very old sports club in Aarhus Denmark (speed, hockey and recreational inline skaters).

Aggressive In-Line Skating-Singapore
This site provides info. on the local skating scene, places to skate and where to find skating gear.

Aggressive Skaters Association
This is the governing body for organized aggressive skating.

Arizona Inline Skating
Arizona inline skating connection, with places to skate, lessons, events and weather, with a focus on advocacy.

Atlanta Peachtree Road Rollers-Georgia
Join them for group skates around
Atlanta , join their mailing list, view their events calendar and  nicely done photo gallery.

Atlanta Skate Patrol
This group is dedicated to safety, learning and fun for inline skaters, offering free lessons for beginners.

Beach Bladers of South Florida  
On the east coast of
South Florida they have weekly skates in Boca Raton and Pompano.  They also plan weekend skating trips, parties, marathons, clinics and more.  Skaters of all levels of ability are invited.

Boston Skate Patrol
This chapter of the NSP helps to promote and ensure the safety of skating events in a variety of environments throughout
Boston .

Central Park Skate Patrol
A chapter of the NSP, they  promote and ensure the safety of skating events in a variety of environments in the NY-city area..

CORA-San Francisco
Northern California area club hosts regular events such as the "Midnight Rollers" skate on the streets of SF each Friday with 600+ skaters.

Dallas Scene
Texas skaters in Dallas will find  info. on local shops, skate parks and aggressive skating spots, as well as maps and local weather.

East Side Blade-Chicago, IL
This group was founded to promote inline skating along the
Chicago lakefront.

Eastern Inline Hockey-Australia
Find competition schedules, hockey news and several other Australian skating links at this
Sydney club's site.

Empire Skate Club of New York
Empire promotes group skates, seminars and safe inline skating.

Farmington Inline Skate Club
This club hosts regular Monday & Wednesday skates, a calendar of their and other Detroit-area skating events, and offer IISA certified instructor and NSP member lessons to beginners.

First Coast Speed Team
Located in
Jacksonville , FL , this team teaches people of all ages the skills and thrills of roller speed skating with good sportsmanship stressed as a high priority.

Frankfurt Inline-Germany
This group boasts 2,000+ skaters along an ever-changing- route each Tues., with a police escorted rolling closure.  Also scheduled are Sunday skates.  Site posted in German.

Get Inline...Chicagoland
Find info. on skating in the Chicago area and beyond (rec., fitness, speed, hockey, skate dancing, roller soccer, travel).  They also promote group skates, lessons, hold free workshops, social skating, races, marathon training, theme skates, and more!

Great Skate Wolverine Speed Team
One of the premier inline speed skating teams in the USA. The team consists of numerous World and National champions as well as sponsored skaters competing in the World Inline Cup series. The club has beginner programs for skaters of all abilities.

Hawaii In-Line Skating
Membership benefits include a T-shirt, gift certificate and discounts on merchandise and event entry fees.

Hawks Skater hockey-Germany
A German-language-site, they provide hockey club schedules and information.

A comprehensive, organized site for skaters in the
Netherlands with where to skate, where not to skate and event listings.

Idaho 's site is outdated (1998), but does provide info. a few places to skate in Boise .

IIFSA (International Inline Figure Skating (IIFSA)
They " promote the wonderful new sport of in-line figure skating. We want everyone to experience the joy of jumping and spinning on in-line skates".

IISA National Skate Patrol
This organization helps to promote and ensure the safety of skating events in a variety of environments throughout the Nation.

IISA Sport and Competition Council
This is the International Inline Skating Association's competition division.

As far as this web-savvy skater knows-this is India 's first and only informational site on inline skating.  New and a bit shy of content, it does feature link to teams and skating clubs.

InLine Club of Boston
This site includes a guide of places to skate, not only in the
Boston area but other areas of New England as well.

Inline Switzerland-Zürich
This group hosts a Monday night tips and tricks session followed by a group skate. Although a new group with a site shy on content,   full of  photos.

International Inline Skating Assoc.
The IISA is the premier site for finding instructors, skating advocacy information and contains loads of tips for new and veteran skaters alike.

Land skaters Club-Philadelphia/South NJ
Dedicated to furthering the fun, learning and safety of inline skating, this site targets skating in the greater
Delaware Valley area.
This group, together with brings together the
London skating community.  Look here for photos, videos, reviews, some nicely written articles, weather, maps and links - all to make your London skating experience more enjoyable.

Mad Skilz-Kansas
As of yet, a small site, the Southwest Aggressive Inline Skaters club of Liberal, has skating photos and skater profiles.

Mid Atlantic Speed and Fitness
MASF promotes skating as an athletic endeavor, mainly through their mailing list.   They also host events geared toward athletic skaters in the DC area.

Minnesota Inline Skate Club
With coverage in the twin cities and other areas including
Wisconsin , they host Monday & Friday skates and provide trail descriptions and articles.

Motor City Roll
Detroit , Michigan , they host events, and have a calendar of local weekly skates that describe each route:  one for each day of the week!

National In-Line Basketball League
This group promotes and governs inline basketball.

New River Rollers-Florida
Located in
Ft. Lauderdale , they host races, picnics and volunteer events.

Ontario Inline Hockey League
They run adult, recreational and kids roller hockey leagues.

Ottawa Urban Inline Skating Club (OUISC)
This non-profit group has two tiers of membership, with one geared toward recreational/ fitness and the other toward speed skaters.  They maintain a calendar and offer training sessions, time trials and events.

Palm Beach Skate Club
Located in
Palm Beach Gardens , FL , "We're a small but growing group of skaters who skate for fitness and Speed skating. training".

Pegasus Flyers
This Skate Club promotes all styles of inline skating in the
Dallas / Fort Worth area.   Get info on their group skates, events and skating tips.

Precision Inline Racing
This Inline and ice speed skating team out of Georgia, USA, participates in short and long track, indoor and outdoor events.

Philadelphia Skate Patrol
This chapter of the NSP helps to promote and ensure the safety of skating events in a variety of environments in
Philadelphia PA and So. NJ.

Pittsburgh Skate Patrol
This chapter of the NSP promotes and ensures the safety of skating events in
Western PA.

Portland Skate Patrol
This NSP  chapter helps to preserve your right to skate
Waterfront Park , Willamette Park and the Willamette River Greenway.
This Oregon club (formerly P.I.S.A.) hosts regularly weekly skates and has postings of places to roll in Portland .

Quicksilver Wheels & Steel Skate Club
Your Skate Information Source for Denver , Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region.

Roller Skating Association International
This organization, whose main focus is to promote rinks, indicates most now accept inline as well as conventional quad skaters.

Rollers & Coquillages
A French-language site-they sponsor events, a Friday night skate in
Paris with up to 5,000 skaters (no typo here!) and info. on places to skate in Paris and other locations in France .

RollerSoccer International Federation
This organization promotes and governs inline soccer.

Sacramento Coalition of Inline Skaters-CA
This Skate Patrol hosts regular group skates around
Sacramento on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday and advocates skaters right-of-way on local trails.

St. Louis Inline Skate Assn.-Missouri
Provided here are newsletters, descriptions of skate paths and events for the St. Louis

Salt City Rollers, Syracuse, NY
Attend a skate clinic, or join their regularly scheduled skates.

San Diego Street Elite-California 
This club promotes speed skating, holding regular training skates, shares skating instruction, techniques, strategies and experiences.  With a complete event calendar, they also provide great descriptions of where to skate.

Seattle Skate Patrol
This chapter of the NSP helps to promote and ensure the safety of skating events in a variety of environments in the
Seattle area.

Skate Net-California
For a fee, this group provides a way to meet others who skate in the
San Francisco Bay area, with similar interests and abilities.

Skate Tampa-Florida
Can't get enough skating in
Tampa ?  Full moon and regular skates are scheduled every night of the week except Wednesday.

Skaten in Berlin-Germany
A German-language site, this club has info. for the fitness, recreational, hockey, aggressive and speed skaters, including events and where to skate in and around Berlin .

Southwest Collegiate Hockey League
SCHL is a collegiate roller hockey league dedicated to the organization and promotion of college roller hockey throughout the southwest United States .

Thursday night they roll in Stuttgart .  A German-language site, they offer news, a mailing list, techniques, news, where to skate and events.

Team Adventures-California
Formerly known as Team Phoenix, this aggressive in-line skate group promotes this stunt team from
California comprised of 10 skaters age 11-17.

Team Caravan-Washington, DC
This is a speed skating team who provides info. on places to skate, people with whom to skate and local shops to supply your "speed" habit.

Three Rivers In-line Club-Pennsylvania
This Pittsburgh club hosts events, a Skate Patrol and scheduled recreational skates Monday through Friday.

Toronto Inline Skating Club
These folks claim dedication to "the enjoyment and advancement of skating in the Greater Toronto Area".

Triad Racing
They welcome skaters of all ability levels, and offer training for both competitive skater and fitness skaters indoor, outdoor, year-round.

United Kingdom Inline Skating Association (UKISA)
This group sponsors the UK's National Inline Skating Week as the National body for recreational skating in the UK offering lessons and a searchable instructor list.

United States Amateur Confederation of Roller Skating
This is the governing body for competitive inline and roller skating.

USA Hockey InLine
This organization puts on sanctioned tournaments as well as regional and national championships.

Valley Inline-Arizona
VIA is an informal skating club that promotes fun and safe social/recreational skating at various interesting
Tempe locations.

Vancouver, BC Skate Patrol
This chapter of the NSP promotes and ensures the safety of skating events in
Western PA.

Warwick Inline Skate Society-U.K.
Located in the
Coventry , they hold skating sessions each week with 30-40 attendees, host events and hold regular meetings.

Washington, DC-Washington Area Roadskaters (WAR) 
This club sponsors several weekly skates, publishes an events calendar, information on safety and DC-area specific information on skating lessons, instruction, gear and lists where to skate in the metro D.C. area, with descriptions of terrain.

Washington Inline Skating Association
Here is a well-organized site with scheduled skates, weekly quizzes and skaterz lounge for
Washington and Portland, OR skaters.

Westwood Ski & Sports Club
This group welcomes inline skaters, roller skaters, skateboarders, and gravity bike riders of all abilities to their
Culver City , CA locale.

Women on Wheels
This group of women promotes fitness for women, with particular focus on in inline skating. - THE InLine Skating Resource logo designed and generously provided by Luke Sawh of Animated Ideas, creator of original inline skating art sculptures Artwork. Names of companies, organization, products, articles mentioned herein,  retain copyright,  trademark and/or patent rights.
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All rights reserved.
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