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So, who is this Webmistress, anyway?

Your guide to has not only inline skating, but other adventure sports and Web credentials.

Cheryl George

Cheryl, your guide, is an avid, seasoned recreational/distance inline skater, human services worker, small business owner and veteran computer professional.

Experience: Cheryl organizes group skating events, races recreationally and organizes volunteer-benefit skating venues.   She teaches those new to skating, how to stop--essential to enjoying and excelling at this sport.  Skates accompany her while traveling, with "rolling" experience in most US states and 19 other countries on 3- 4- and 5-wheel skates.  A former computer professional, she prides herself in her new human services job as an Adult Literacy Associate at the Napa City-County Library and teaching computer skills to soon-to-be-emancipated foster youth.  She also provides free web development and support to local non-profit agencies.

Education: Graduate, Napa Valley College's Human Services certificate program, Washington Business School, and various computer-related certificate programs; currently enrolled in a masters program in Safety Awareness at the School of Hard Knocks.

From Cheryl: "I'm known only as "The Sticker Lady" to many on the SF Friday Night Skate (a.k.a. Midnight Rollers).  Many ask, but not all are given, for they go only to those wearing helmets!  I can't tell you how often I hear:  "Look, I'm wearing a helmet this week, can I have a sticker now?".  

With recreational mountain biking/racing, motor biking, and sailing between skating, I definitely crave adventure; however, safety is a prime consideration.  A white-water rafting accident found me temporarily disabled, escaping more serious injury only by wearing a helmet, subsequently skating myself through rehabilitation.  The Napa-Calistoga finish line photo, is from the same race I completed in 1998 as my 'finale' out of rehab.  Since that accident, I enjoy sports while trying to influence others to do the same, safely.  A more recent injury found both my femurs (end of my thigh bone) in need of major surgery-even while wearing kneepads.  Although it sounds bad, had I not been wearing those knee pads, I may not be walking today!

Skating is my favorite pastime, and I want to share that passion and provide you with the best source of information on all things, inline skating:  tips for newbie's, seasoned, recreational and racing skaters alike, links to local, National and International skating organizations, great places to skate, references on skating, news and events.  This and so much more is available to you here, so I can help you to Get InLineNow. - THE InLine Skating Resource logo designed and generously provided by Luke Sawh of Animated Ideas, creator of original inline skating art sculptures Artwork. Names of companies, organization, products, articles mentioned herein,  retain copyright,  trademark and/or patent rights.
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