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Be Safe, Be Seen ] Guide Bio ] InLine, InShape, InSide ] Reduce/Reuse/Recycle ] Roller in Paris ] Swiss or ABEC Bearings? ]

Here are feature articles on inline skating, authored and/or edited by your InLineNow.com guide.

Be Safe, Be Seen
Here are ways to make yourself visible to others when skating.  The tips apply not only to night but day skating, as well.

InLine, InShape, InSide - Cross-Training and Rehabilitation for skaters
Hate the thought of not really skating, and using a 'machine' instead?  Whether you're interested in cross-training or injury rehabilitation, this skater's experience just might change your mind.

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Skate Gear
You don't have to throw away old skates, wheels, bearings and gear-there are simple, environment-friendly and charitable alternatives.

Roller (inline skating) in Paris:  History & One Man's Recent Experience
David George shares with us the history on how he understands a transportation crisis contributed to inline skating's (called "Roller" in France) popularity in France. He also shares his recent experience skating to work and participating in the Paris Friday Night Skate.

So, Who is this Webmistress, anyway?
Your guide to InLineNow.com has not only inline skating, but other adventure sports and Web credentials too.

Swiss or ABEC Bearings?
Find out how these two bearing styles differ and which you might choose  You may just want a set of both!

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