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Health, Fitness and Safety 
Here's a generous collection of articles on safe skating, getting in shape, how to identify and prevent injuries, and a sports medicine.

A New Standard for Helmets
Got an old helmet?  It may not be as safe as newer models.  Effective Feb., 99, all bike helmets sold in the United States must meet new federal safety standards.

Air Pollution and Exercise - Do They Mix?
Find out the risks different types of pollution (ozone or smog, vs. carbon monoxide) pose, especially if you're a street skater in or near a large city.

Amino Acids Aid in Recovery After Exercise
Leucine, an amino acid found in protein-rich foods, can help to jump-start the post-exercise protein metabolism process.

Asthma Friendly Sports - Inline Skating
Great way to get the exercise we all need and not trigger your asthma!

Be Safe, Be Seen
Here are ways to make yourself visible to others when skating.  The tips apply not only to night but day skating as well, from

Does an Energy Bar make a Meal?
A Power Bar is probably healthier than a cheeseburger but if you look at the label, you might be surprised at how high in fat and low in fiber they can be.

Experts Warn:  Ease Into Hot Weather Workouts
Drink plenty of water and above all else, acclimatize, by getting your body used to the special demands of hot weather.

Fitness/Sports Injuries FAQs
Read medical responses to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) related to fitness and sports injuries.  If you can't find the answer,  "Ask the Doctor".

Fruits and Veggies may Improve Lung Function
Eating lots of fruits and vegetables appears to improve lung function, according to results of European mean published in the journal Thorax.

Get a Little Balance in Your Life
Everybody knows good balance is crucial for inline skating.  Dan describes how to improve yours through six simple exercises, both with and without equipment.

Helmets for as Little a $10
If you think helmets are too expensive, think again. Get an ASTM-approved helmet for as little as $10.  This offer expires Dec. 31, 1999.

Helmets Standards
For those curious about how helmets are safety-certified, here are the specs. used by many committees who develop those standards.

Hovering Over the Sweet Spot
Liz Miller's latest Orbit newsletter explaining how she learned to safely slalom hills without a heel brake and translate what she learned into magical mogul skiing.

Staying hydrated is key during exercise, especially in warm weather.  Hydra-backpacks and bladders keep those liquids flowing effortlessly while inline skating.

Injury Prevention Tips
Many inline skating-related injuries can be prevented if skaters wear proper safety gear and avoid risky skating behavior.

Inline Skating Vs. Skateboarding
According to one study, inline skaters suffer fewer severe or critical injuries than skateboarders.  Those wearing helmets fared even better.

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up
Although nobody wants to fall, this article provides some good information on HOW to fall, if you do, and how to get up afterward!

Just for Kids
Special links compiled just for the younger skater, including events, camps and articles.

Medical Dictionary
The Sports Doc. has a descriptive medical dictionary of sports-related injuries.

New Maximum Heart Rate Formula Published  
Calculate yours now without on-line calculator.

Not all Energy Bars Created Equal
Choose your energy bar carefully.  Some products may cause a spike in blood sugar, while others may provide a lower energy boost.

Food bars/gels conveniently fill the energy gap while inline skating.  And for you roller cooks,  there's even a recipe to make your own!

Pregnancy and Skating
Inline Skating, Pregnancy and Postpartum - Should I or shouldn't I?  This parenthood Web site discusses the pros and cons.

Protective Gear is a Must
If you haven't yet donned a helmet or wrist/knee pads, this Mayo clinic article with facts to backup the statistics, will help to convince you why you should.

Roller Ski
Simulate various snow conditions on Roller Skis on the pavement.  Options are available to  limit your speed and work on specific techniques.

Skater Survey Results
Some interesting facts are revealed by 383 individuals responding to an online survey on the use of safety equipment and injuries by experience level, age and gender.

Skating Endurance Linked to Amount of Muscle Blood Flow
Affecting elite speed skaters and weekend warriors alike, skating in the customary crouched position restricts blood flow to the leg muscles, which can lead to the muscle fatigue.  In-line skating enthusiasts who want a long workout but suffer from muscle fatigue and soreness can avoid the pain by skating in an upright position. 

Skating Injury Rate Jumps With Experience
The good news?  The sport is becoming more popular.  The bad news?  The more popular a sport becomes, the higher the number of related injuries.

Skating Safely - Night Lights and Reflective Gear
Skating safely at night, seeing and being seen, can be accomplished more easily with the right equipment.

"Safe Skating's a Snap, when you Remember to SLAP."  No, this isn't some new kind of punishment skate, just a few tips on how to skate Smart, Legal, Alert and Polite.

Skating Endurance Linked to Amount of Blood Flow
It affects Elite Speed Skaters and Weekend Warriors Alike.  Find out how In-line skating enthusiasts who want a long workout but suffer from muscle fatigue and soreness can avoid the pain.

Spring Training Tips
Sports injuries are especially common after a winter of inactivity.  These tips will keep you healthy as you head outside after a long winter's nap.

Strengthen Your Lower Back and Abdomen
One simple exercise will strengthen these muscles required for distance skaters or the want-to-be.

Stretching: Doing It and Doing It Right
Zooming down the boulevard on inline skates can be exhilarating.  But before you embark on these or other physical activities, stretching is a must.

If you want to know how it's done on inline skates, it's probably here: from basic and aggressive techniques, different ways to stop, skate; backward, downhill, dance, grind, and slalom, etc... 

Treating Injuries Right
Strain? Muscle spasm? Overuse?  Athletes can do more harm than good by treating injuries incorrectly.  Find out how to properly identify and treat injuries effectively.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumer information on product safety, recalls, etc...  including specific sports-related recalls.

Which Cuts Need Emergency Care?
Most skaters eventually experience the inevitable fall.  Browse this article's list of which type of cut needs medical professional care, vs. those you can self-treat. - THE InLine Skating Resource logo designed and generously provided by Luke Sawh of Animated Ideas, creator of original inline skating art sculptures Artwork. Names of companies, organization, products, articles mentioned herein,  retain copyright,  trademark and/or patent rights.
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