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Just for Kids
Special links compiled just for the younger skater, including events, camps and articles.

Barbie : Practice Makes Perfect (The Barbie)
She's everyone's favorite inline skater in this picture-book adventure, and now she's coaching a group of younger girls.

California-Sacramento-Sports Zone
Indoor skating with sessions open to all skaters as well as inline hockey leagues, aggressive, parties, groups, speed skating & kid's camps.

Creative Teaching Methods for Instructing Children
"People are often surprised when I tell them that I teach young children to speed skate. They often gasp in amazement when I say that some of my students are as young as five or six years old."

Easy Peasy Battersea Skate
Join this group for their weekly Saturday skate around Battersea park, south London, England.  Great for kids, (or kids at heart), newbie's or those just wanting to avoid roads, cars, hills and speed.

Extreme Inline Skate World
Created by skaters for skaters, they have a chat room, buddy list sign up, skating terms and a special section on how to do tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kids Skating
IISA Instructor Certification Program Director Kris Simeone hosted a chat session about kids and inline skating at MySportsGuru.com.  If you know of a child who skates, you'll want to read this.

Got Wheels?  Will Travel
Whether you skate with your family, a friend, or alone, to get started you need to know how, where and what to use.  Find out here.

Helmets for Kids
The Bicycle Safety Institute provides guidelines on purchasing and fitting helmets for the special needs of kids.

Inline Safety - Its All in the Wrist
Of course you wear a helmet, but what else?  Wrist guards help to prevent serious hand and wrist injuries-make sure they're part of your skate gear.

Inline Skating Safer than Skateboarding
According to one study, inline skaters suffer fewer serious injuries than skateboarders.  Those wearing helmets do even better.

In Minnesota, they offer of the most comprehensive list of specialized classes I've seen:  Basics, Cool Moves, Little Rollers, Kids Camps, Private, Trails, Fitness, Hockey, Street, Ramp, Speed, Distance, Urban Freestyle, Dance and Skate to Ski.

Roller Roo
Here's a page with a fun skating story and an image of an inline skating character you can print and color.

Find not only specialized classes for the younger skater, but Trail, Roller Hockey, Street skating and camps from beginner to advanced.

Skate for Grades
Report cards with A's or Bs, gets you free admission to this TX skateboard park.  Tell your skate park about this deal and maybe they'll match it!

Skater Alex Cartoons
Drawn by a real skater, Skater Alex comic strips are suitable for all ages.

Skater Survey Results
Here are the results of 383 respondents, revealing info. about skaters' use of safety gear and injury type and frequency, by experience level, age and gender.

Skaters FAQs Buying Guide
Advice on selecting  new, used and kids skates, based on skating style, price and breaking system.  Finish off with a checklist to take to the store.

Teaching Children how to Speed Skate
Provided here are specifics on how to be successful in teaching a young person how to speed skate, as well as guidelines for teaching a person of any age.

Team Adventures-California
Formerly known as Team Phoenix, this aggressive in-line skate group promotes this stunt team from California comprised of 10 skaters age 11-17.

Young Inline Skater
This book is a great place for kids to start before strapping on skates.  Safety is a big concern and all kids pictured are properly geared with helmets and pads.

Youth Camps
Go to roller hockey camp in one of seven locations in Virginia, Maryland & Delaware.  Day and overnight camps and tournaments are hosted.

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