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Other Skating Portals
View links to several other inline skating web resources.

A handy, information-packed portal site that offers  inline-skating specific product and info. links.

Inline Skating at About.com
Search this site for just about any topic or reference related to inline skating, and you'll come up with hit after hit.

Inline Skating FAQ by Anthony Chen
This FAQ has been one of the most popular inline skating references since its inception in 1991 when Tony Chen was a student at Princeton University.

InLine Skating Web Ring
This is an index to inline skating Web sites all over the world.

Inlinechannel.com - Switzerland
A great Swiss-based site with links to family & fitness, speed, stunts, events, parks, shops, video clips and a huge index of links. You'll be prompted to download Flash to see all the site's links (they're buried one layer-deep), but well worth the bandwidth!

A site after my own heart-brief, to the point, with nicely presented links to just the inline skating information you require.

International Inline Skating Association
The IISA is the certifying body for inline skating instructors and the founder of the National Skate Patrol.  This is the premier site for finding instructors, skating advocacy info. and loads of tips for new and veteran skaters.

Roller Skating Web
Regional and national information about all types of inline and roller-skating, both indoors and outdoors.

This is one of the quickest to load, easy to navigate and comprehensive guides to inline skating Web sites all over the world!

Skating the Infobahn
Inline skating search engine and directory edited by Robert Schmunk. Popular with skaters all over the world.

Robert Schmunk's inline skating EZine posts daily news stories, weekly articles and huge number of links to Web sites everywhere. 

This new site, freshened up in 2002 has this skating webmistresses eye.  Skaters submit ideas/content directly, with moderators putting on the finishing touches on contributions ranging from skating sites, news, instruction, articles, skating routes and more.

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