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If you want to know how it's done on inline skates, it's probably here: from basic and aggressive techniques, different ways to stop, skate; backward, downhill, dance, grind, and slalom, etc... 

Advice for the Beginner
This article is a good starting point for the beginning skater with safety tips, buying advice and info. about skating in general.

Aggressive Techniques
A nice site with descriptions and photos of how to do rail, soul, mitzou, acid, royale and unity grinds, as well as info. about switch-ups and the unnatural.

Barrel Roll, etc...
See what this move consists of in video, as well as the Power Slide, Hockey Stop and One-Foot Heel Break, brought to you by .

Basic Striding  
New skaters usually figure out how to move forward on their own. But without proper guidance they may never develop an efficient, elegant stride. Here's where to start.

Camps, Classes & Lessons 
Locate an inline skate camp, school, regularly scheduled lesson or a private instructor near you.

Cones and Wheels
This inline skating slalom page provides an introduction and tutorial to slalom skating, with loads of accompanying photos.

Discover the Skater's Edge
Liz Miller of Get Rolling tells you why you really, really should learn how to use all of your wheel edges: inside, outside and center.

Double Push
Int. and adv. skaters should view this video snippet demonstrating the graceful to watch, but otherwise mysterious to master, double-push method.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Stopping ...but Were Afraid to Ask Liz Miller from Get Rolling has consolidated list of links to 7 past Orbit articles and a FAQ on the subject.

Fall Tune-Up
Dan Kibler of Get Rolling describes two slalom drills to improve your finesse in turns, whether on skates or shaped skis.

Give Yourself a Brake!
Liz Miller, author of the books Get Rolling and California In-Line Skating ,shares a confession-she didn't know how to use her heel break until 9 months after owning her first pair of inline skates.

Heel Break Stop  For a full-scale tutorial on using your heel break, check out Mike's detailed text, photo & video instructions at .

Hovering Over the Sweet Spot
Liz Miller's latest Orbit newsletter explaining how she learned to safely slalom hills without a heel brake and translate what she learned into magical mogul skiing.

IISA's Rules of the Road
"Safe Skating's a Snap, when you Remember to SLAP."  Not a punishment skate, but a list of tips on how to skate Smart, Legal, Alert and Polite.

International Inline Skating Association
Find here, loads of techniques and tips for the new and veteran skater alike.

Is Inline Skating for You?
Provided is one skate professional's view on:  Who skates? Why do they skate?   What are the physical requirements?  How long does it take to get good?

Just for Kids
Special links compiled just for the younger skater, including events, camps and articles.

Learning to Skate and Living to Tell About it
Here is one woman's entertaining recap of her first skating lesson.

Mastering the Forward Powerslide Liz Miller from Get Rolling updates the article she wrote for Skating.Com with Dan's photographs, supplementing her usual step-by-step instructions.

Mental Training
Find here,  practical skills that help athletes achieve peak performance in their endeavors, from sports psychologist, Karlene Sugarman, M.A.

My Sports Guru
Just the help you need, fully animated - lessons are demonstrated from basic to advanced stopping, skating backward, forward and turning as well as handling different types of terrain.

Plyometrics for Advanced Skating Performance
Dan Kibler of Get Rolling talks about a way to take your sports performance to a new level with Plyometrics.

Roller Dancing
Get instructions for the first move upon which most others are built, the "Ilene".

Roller Derby
The official American Roller Derby League rules of play, are posted here.

Skaters FAQ
Skaters FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions ): provides detail on techniques - stopping, skating backwards and downhill, for beginning to advanced skaters.

Slippery When Wet
All levels of skaters should take a moment to view this short video clip, showing an effective way to stop on wet pavement.

Teaching Speed Skating
Provided here are specifics on how to be successful in teaching someone how to skate, in addition to specifics for teaching a young person.

Using your Heel Brake
This Central Park Skate patrol group offers photos and detailed descriptions of how to stop using the most common style of break-the heel brake.

Camps, Classes & Lessons 
Locate an inline skate camp, school, regularly scheduled lesson or a private instructor near you.

Just for Kids
Special links compiled just for the younger skater, including events, camps and articles. - THE InLine Skating Resource logo designed and generously provided by Luke Sawh of Animated Ideas, creator of original inline skating art sculptures Artwork. Names of companies, organization, products, articles mentioned herein,  retain copyright,  trademark and/or patent rights.
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