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Tours, Travel 
Provided are links to organized inline skating tours, and helpful information for those who travel with their skates, such as gear bags and ready-to-travel / tour skates and gear.

Active Jeju Tours Tours
Tour the seaside and countryside visiting Jeju Korea sights like Folk Village, Green Tea Plantations, Park of Small copies of world famous architectures, Bonsai Trees Garden, Jeju World Cup Stadium, Buddhist Temple and more.

Backpack Store
Browse our store for Inline skating backpacks, waist packs, hydration packs, messenger-style and travel packs and bags, for sale in association with .

Chat, Lists, Usenet
Mailing lists, skaters chat rooms and skater databases provide you with a way to contact skaters in a specific locale.

Finland with Katukiitäjät
This skating association based in Helsinki offers city and countryside skating tours of Finland and other European countries.

Inline Skating Travel Guide
If you're traveling with your skates this list provides a good start for where to skate, with links to travel info. on each destination served.

Netherlands with Skate-A-Round
Skate-A-Round is a Dutch company specializing in skating tours of The Netherlands, Switzerland, France. They also arrange tours to the USA for special events like the new York Marathon.

Packs and Travel Gear
Getinline offers a wide selection of skate travel packs.

Royal Caribbean Cruises
Royal Caribbean sets sail to the Voyager of the Seas, the first cruise line to feature inline and ice skating.

On top of their plethora of skate school & camp offerings, they've taken on touring.  Check out this summer's Travel Skate Camp in Southern Minnesota.

Skater Locator
If you're a traveling skater, find a local  to skate with when you go.  Skater "profiles" help you locate those with similar skating styles and interests, in your destination city.

Skaters Vacation Exchange Program
Free skaters travel exchange board.   Although a relatively short list of "exchangers" at any given time, names and destinations change frequently.

Tips for Traveling with Skates
Eddy Matzger, holder of numerous inline speed and distance world records, shares his "Tips for Traveling with Skates.

Wheel Thing
Catch a wave on your wheels with one of their rolling skate tours of Honolulu, HI

Where to Skate
From Arizona to Amsterdam and Sydney to San Francisco, find out where the locals inline skate, including references to skate parks, paths and regularly scheduled group skating events.

World Skate
Read about Febrice Gropaiz, the first person to skate around the world solo, to benefit Aids research.  See his trip biography complete with pictures and videos.

Yosemite Valley-California
Howard Cohen tops the list with detail and descriptions of skating in Yosemite, complete with photos and links to info. about the park.

Zephyr Inline Skate Tours, Inc.
They were the world's first inline skating tour operator, with traveling tours, learn-to-skate and multi-sport tours for all ability levels, taking place in several US and worldwide locations. - THE InLine Skating Resource logo designed and generously provided by Luke Sawh of Animated Ideas, creator of original inline skating art sculptures Artwork. Names of companies, organization, products, articles mentioned herein,  retain copyright,  trademark and/or patent rights.
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