Weekly/Night Skates
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Weekly / Regular / Night Skates
Weekly and Night Skates: From Arizona to Florida and Amsterdam to San Francisco, join a local regular weekly/group/night skate, from InLineNow.com THE Inline Skating Resource.

All Levels:    7 p.m. EVERY Wednesday Night, meet at El Dorado Park in Scottsdale.  This free, fun event winds its way through various parts of the city.

All Levels:    Meet this group each Wednesday at 7pm.   All levels welcome to join them in their 60-90 minute skate through Davis streets and bike paths.

California-Huntington Beach
Fairly Fast:    This group hosts a Saturday fun roll, and a Wednesday night skate.

California-Huntington Beach
All Levels:    Each Wednesday and Saturday, join these skaters for the Fun Rolls in Southern California.

Join skaters each Wednesday night April-October.  This link describes the route and provides directions to the starting point at Larkspur Landing.

All Levels:    This Skate Patrol hosts regular group skates around Sacramento on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

California-San Francisco
All Levels:    Join the world-famous Midnight Rollers on Friday Nights through the city and for dancing & fun on Sunday's in Golden Gate Park.

California-San Francisco
All Levels:    Howard Cohen does a great job of describing the regular Sunday Lake Merced loop complete with maps and en-route stops.  Join this group for fitness and fun.

California-San Jose
This group skates the streets of San Jose each Thursday evening.

England-London - LondonSkate.com
Join this group who claims to have the best urban inline skating event in London.   Through the summer, they meet each Wednesday at 7pm in Hyde Park, returning by 9:30.

England-London - University College
Sponsored by a society at University College London, this group hosts Monday, Wednesday and Friday night skates in London, using unique fish analogies to describe each skate.

Florida-Clearlake, St. Petersburg, Tampa
Join this club or one of their Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night skates

Florida-Palm Beach
Join the Palm Beach Skate club on Thursday night for a well-lit place to skate at night with little or no car traffic, and wide, smooth roads.

France-Paris:  Rollers & Coquillages
En Francaise.  This group sponsors events, a Friday night skate in Paris with up to 5,000 skaters (no typo here!) and info. on places to skate in Paris and other locations in France.

Skate in and around Atlanta with the Peach Tree Rollers each Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

Join 2,000+ skaters along an ever-changing-route each Tuesday, complete with a police-escorted rolling closure.  Also, a Sunday. skate. Site posted in German.

Join this group each Tuesday night.  A German-language site with enough info. available in English to get you there and on time to roll together, no matter what language you skate.

Thursday night they roll in Stuttgart.  A German-language site.

Easy Peasy Battersea Skate  in Weekly Skates and Just for Kids  Join this group for their weekly Saturday skate around Battersea park, south London, England.  Great for kids, (or kids at heart), newbie's or those just wanting to avoid roads, cars, hills and speed.

Massachusetts-Boston/New England
Posted, are descriptions of skates in the Boston area, Wompatuck, the Charles River and ICB Trail, as well as links to a regular Tuesday night group skate.

Michigan-Detroit-Motor City Roll
In Detroit, Michigan, they host events, and have a calendar of local weekly skates that describe each route:  one for each day of the week!

Michigan-Farmington Inline Skate Club
This club hosts regular Monday & Wednesday skates, a calendar of their and other Detroit-area skating events, and offer IISA certified instructor and NSP member lessons to beginners.

New York-Manhattan-Blade Night Manhattan
Meet in front of blades, board and skate on  23rd st. & 12th avechel, during the summer months, through October 31, skating the last in a  Halloween parade.

New York-Manhattan-We Skate NY
This group meets on Wednesday nights between 7:30 and 8 PM at the North End of Union Square.  It's free and open to anybody who wants to join in - they even offer a weather watch & telephone hotline for updates!.

New York-Rochester
Attend a skate clinic, or join their regularly scheduled skates.


Three Rivers In-line club hosts events, a Skate Patrol and recreational skates Monday through Friday.

Philadelphia/South Jersey
Join regularly scheduled skates in  Philadelphia, PA and South NJ communities.

Join this group of skaters in Zurich on Monday nights for tips and tricks, followed by a group skate.

The Pegasus Flyers Club of Dallas, TX get together on Tuesday's and Saturday's to enjoy each others company and the freedom/fitness that inline skating provides.

Texas-Dallas & Houston (Skate Trash)
There's something scheduled for just about every level of skater, every day of the week with this active group.

Washington, DC Area -WOW
Women on Wheels meets at Rock Creek Park on Saturdays for an int. and adv. skate. Beginners are urged start with free lessons offered by WAR.

Washington, DC-Washington Area Roadskaters (WAR) 
This club sponsors several weekly skates, publishes an events calendar, information on safety and DC-area specific information on skating lessons, instruction, gear and lists where to skate in the metro D.C. area, with descriptions of terrain.

Weekly Skates
Skate Grrl keeps on top of the weekly skates in more than 17 states!

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