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Where to Skate
From Arizona to Amsterdam and Sydney to San Francisco, find out where the locals inline skate, including references to skate parks, paths and regularly scheduled group skating events.

The AISA provides descriptions of places to skate in the area, including Ahwatukee, Mesa, Scottsdale, the Sun Circle Riding Path and Sun Valley Parkway.

The Valley Inline Association can provide you with more info. on where this informal club skates, in Tempe.

Brisbaine, Australia
Where to skate in Brisbane, local skating news, and more.

This publication, California Skating, is a book on pavement skates in CA, nicely organized by location, ability, obstacles and scenery.  A useful "hard-copy" resource for the CA skater.

Meet this group each Wednesday at 7pm.   All levels welcome to join them in their 60-90 minute skate through Davis streets and bike paths.

California-Huntington Beach
This group hosts a Saturday fun roll, and a Wednesday night skate.

California-Huntington Beach
Each Wednesday and Saturday, join these skaters for the Fun Rolls in Southern California.

Join skaters each Wednesday night April-October.  This link describes the route and provides directions to the starting point at Larkspur Landing.

California-Roller Soccer
Pick up a game in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park or North Beach Playground.

This Skate Patrol hosts regular group skates around Sacramento on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

California-Sacramento-Sports Zone
Indoor skating with sessions open to all skaters as well as inline hockey leagues, aggressive, parties, groups and speed skating.

California-San Diego Street Elite
This club promotes speed skating, holding regular training skates, shares skating instruction, techniques, strategies and experiences.  With a complete event calendar, they also provide great descriptions of where to skate.

California-San Francisco
Howard Cohen does a great job of describing the regular Sunday Lake Merced loop complete with maps and en-route stops.  Join this group for fitness and fun.

California-San Francisco Bay Area
Richard Katz offers a portion of his book, Skating Unrinked online, describing several No. CA San Francisco bay area trail descriptions.

California-San Jose
This group skates the streets of San Jose each Thursday evening.

California-Santa Barbara
Randy Morse provides well-described routes for skating in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, Montecito & Summerland, w/hill ratings.

California-Yosemite Valley  
Howard Cohen tops the list with detail and descriptions of skating in Yosemite, complete with photos and links to info. about the park.

Canada-Montreal, Quebec
This park provides jumps, ramps, rails, competitions, events, day camps and lessons.  The site is posted in English and French.

Canada-Skate Parks
Big Deal's directory of skate parks in Canada provides addresses skate parks.

Canada-Skate Rinks
Find a rink in your state.  This organization that promotes skating rinks, says that most now accept inline and conventional skaters.

England-London - LondonSkate.com
Provided here, are maps and descriptions of routes to skate around Battersea Park and the Tower Bridge.

England-London - LondonSkaters.com 
Look here for very nicely laid out maps w/routes taken by LondonSkaters.com of:   Battersea,  the Beach on the Serpentine Road, and where to play hockey or get to the Roller Disco at Bagley's.

England-London - University College
Sponsored by a society at University College London, this group hosts Monday, Wednesday and Friday night skates in London, using unique fish analogies to describe each skate.

Florida-Clearlake, St. Petersburg, Tampa
Join this club or one of their Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night skates

Florida-Miami Lakes-Great EsSkate
This group organizes 5-6 recreational/fitness events and tours throughout the weekend. These are interspersed with other beach style activities such as picnics and friendly competitions.

Florida-Palm Beach
Join the Palm Beach Skate club on Thursday night for a well-lit place to skate at night with little or no car traffic, and wide, smooth roads.

Beach Bladers of South Florida are on the east coast, with weekly skates in Boca Raton and Pompano.  They also plan weekend skating trips, parties, marathons, clinics and more.  Skaters of all levels of ability are invited.

France-Paris-Rollers & Coquillages
En Francaise.  This group sponsors events, a Friday night skate in Paris with up to 5,000 skaters (no typo here!) and info. on places to skate in Paris and other locations in France.

Skate in and around Atlanta with the Peach Tree Rollers each Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

A German-language site, this club has info. for the fitness, recreational, hockey, aggressive and speed skaters, including events and where to skate in and around Berlin.

Join 2,000+ skaters along an ever-changing-route each Tu., complete with a police-escorted rolling closure.  Also, a Sun. skate. Site posted in German.

Join this group each Tuesday night.  A German-language site with enough info. available in English to get you there and on time to roll together, no matter what language you skate.

Thursday night they roll in Stuttgart.  A German-language site.

This club provides visitors and locals alike, streets and descriptive areas where skating is and is not permitted, including terrain descriptions.

InLine Idaho's site is outdated (1998), but does describe a few places to skate in Boise.

Idaho-State Parks
Check out Heyburn Park, which boasts more than 73 miles of pavement on which to burn up those wheels!

Illinois-Chicago-East Side Blade
This group was founded to promote inline skating along the Chicago lakefront.

As far as this web-savvy skater knows-this is India's first and only inline skating informational site.  New and a bit shy of content, it does feature link to teams and skating clubs.

International-Skate Rinks
Here are a few skate rink locations in Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico and New Zealand.

Listed here are not only skate parks, but other descriptions of places to skate throughout Ireland and Britain.

Massachusetts-Boston/New England
Posted, are descriptions of skates in the Boston area, Wompatuck, the Charles River and ICB Trail, as well as links to regular group skates.

Minnesota-Minneapolis-St. Paul
Path descriptions and other skating locations in the twin cities and other areas including parts of Wisconsin are available here.

Minnesota-Minneapolis-St. Paul-Rollerdome
Here's an inline skating rink (open during winter months) for skating fans in Minneapolis.

Missouri-St. Louis
This is a detailed set of descriptions of several skate paths in the St. Louis area, commented with skating levels.

New York-Manhattan-Blade Night Manhattan 
Meet in front of blades, board and skate on  23rd st. & 12th avechel, during the summer months, through October 31, skating the last in a  Halloween parade.

New York-Manhattan-We Skate NY 
This group meets on Wednesday nights between 7:30 and 8 PM at the North End of Union Square.  It's free and open to anybody who wants to join in - they even offer a weather watch & telephone hotline for updates!.

New York City & Philadelphia area-iscate.com 
They offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes, as well as other original skate classes and tours.

New York-Rochester
Attend a skate clinic, or join their regularly scheduled skates.

Three Rivers In-line club hosts events, a Skate Patrol and recreational skates Monday through Friday.

Philadelphia/South Jersey
Join regularly scheduled skates in  Philadelphia, PA and South NJ communities.

This site provides info. on the skating scene and brief descriptions of  places to skate in Singapore.

Skate Parks
Search for skateboard parks by city, state, country and/or keyword.

Join this group of skaters in Zurich on Monday nights for tips and tricks, followed by a group skate.

Rollerblading Sydney.com briefly describes skating surfaces in North Sydney, at Harbour Bridge, Centennial Park, Bondi Beach, Willoughby Leisure Centre and Rushcutters Bay.  For more detail, see James' (instructor) published article on places to skate.

The Pegasus Flyers Club of Dallas, TX get together on Tuesday's and Saturday's to enjoy each others company and the freedom/fitness that inline skating provides.

Texas-Dallas & Houston (Skate Trash)
There's something scheduled for just about every level of skater, every day of the week with this active group.

Texas-Dallas/Ft. Worth
Here's some info. on the local skate park and a few aggressive skating spots.

Tours, Travel 
Provided are links to organized inline skating tours, and helpful information for those who travel with their skates, such as gear bags and ready-to-travel / tour skates and gear.

U.K - Skate UK
Skate UK has a very comprehensive list of places to skate, listed by location.

Listed here are not only skate parks, but other descriptions of places to skate throughout Britain and Ireland.

UK-Skate Parks
Locate skate park names, addresses and telephone numbers in the U.K.

Included here, are skater's own descriptions of several skating locales in Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Indiana, Missouri, New York and Virginia.  Some very descript, others leave it up to the skaters' imagination.

US-Rail Trails
There are 700 former railroad routes converted to multi-use trails in the US. Those conducive to inline skating are highlighted.  Also provided is weather info., tourism offices and maps.

US-Sate Parks (Justin's)
Here's a listing of US and international skate parks with descriptions, links (where available) and input from skaters

US-Skate Parks-Big Deal
Big Deal's directory of skate parks lets you type in your city & state and returns park locations with brief descriptions.

US-Skate Rinks
Find a skating rink in your state.  This organization promotes skating rinks and says that most now accept inline and conventional quad skaters.

Utah-Salt Lake Valley
Skate Now provides good descriptions of places to skate, complete with difficulty ratings familiar to snow skiers (green dots, blue squares, black diamonds).

Vancouver, BC-Blading Vancouver
Part I of this article, describes beginning- advanced skates with route maps.  Part II provides even more location descriptions.

Vancouver, BC-Stanley Park/Seymour
Described briefly, (2 screens down) are paths in Stanley Park and Seymour Demonstration forest and its Learn-to-Skate area.

Washington, DC Area -WOW
Women on Wheels meets at Rock Creek Park on Saturdays for an int. and adv. skate. Beginners are urged start with free lessons offered by WAR.

Washington, DC-Washington Area Roadskaters (WAR) 
This club sponsors several weekly skates, publishes an events calendar, information on safety and DC-area specific information on skating lessons, instruction, gear and lists where to skate in the metro D.C. area, with descriptions of terrain.

Washington, DC-Team Caravan
Descriptions and photos of these locale's are provided:  Rock Creek Park,   the Capital Crescent Trail, Washington & OD Trail, Mt. Vernon Trail, Baltimore & Annapolis Trails, Gateway Park and Quiet Waters Park.

Washington, DC-White House
At President's Park (a.k.a. President's Roadblock) meet others, learn moves, show off, watch experts, or join a Rollerhockey game.

Weekly Skates
Skate Grrl keeps on top of the weekly skates in more than 17 states!

Woodville Skate Park  
Only a couple of miles from Toledo, Ohio, they have open skating sessions and host events.

Find addresses of where to skate worldwide and Cool Places to Skate, a skater-contributed database of US paths/parks with descriptions.

Worldwide-Skate Parks
This lengthy list by country of inline skate parks with skater commentary and general park descriptions, also provides Web site links.

Worldwide-Skate Parks and Rinks
Here's a comprehensive listing of skate parks and rinks throughout the world, organized by country and state, with links and brief descriptions.

Tours, Travel 
Provided are links to organized inline skating tours, and helpful information for those who travel with their skates, such as gear bags and ready-to-travel / tour skates and gear.

Worldwide-Skating Locations
Skaters FAQ had an extensive, searchable list of skating locations around the globe, with commentary by local and traveling skaters.

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